Dear Relay Dialer Clients,

We wanted to send you a few last notes as you gear up for your final days of GOTV calling.

Our normal dialer hours are 10am to 9pm local time. Due to popular demand, we will be opening calling early during the last few days of this election as follows:

  • Saturday + Sunday - 9am ET (9am - 10am landlines only)

  • Monday and Tuesday - 8am ET (8am - 10am landlines only)  

Two important notes for those who want to do early calling:

  • Any calling before 10am ET will be landlines only.

  • If you want to have a new call list (as opposed to reloaded lists from the previous day) live at the earlier start time, you must submit your calling lists by 6am ET on the day you want to start calls early.

Cell phone dialing will continue to open at 10am ET.

A few things to keep in mind as you send us your final calling lists.

Be sure to pick the appropriate play strategy for your list.

  • With single pass calling, numbers are removed from the list as they are dialed, which means that once the number has been dialed it can no longer be requeued in a subsequent day without loading it in as a new list. We can requeue the current day’s list, but due to the low contact rate, you should only use a single pass requeue as a way to keep your callers active while you send in a new fresh list.   

  • With nightly requeue calling, all numbers that were no answer / not home from the day before are called again and all canvassed and bad numbers are removed. If you plan to call through a given list more than once, nightly requeue will be the best strategy.

Send enough numbers to keep your volunteers going. 
Keep in mind that the during your big calling hours the dialer can call up to 300 voters per hour/per caller, so be sure to send us more numbers than you expect to call. More concurrent callers = more dials per hour per person and your list will finish quicker than you planned!

As always, if you have any questions, please email And good luck in these last few hectic days! 

Sam, Zenia, Adam, Abby, Eric, Arielle, and the rest of the Dialer Team