NOTE:  If you do not currently have access to this feature and wish to use Patch-Thru, or if you have questions about access, email

How to Run a Patch-Thru: Video (58 seconds)

Note: Watch Making Calls in ThruTalk (Legacy) to learn more about how to make calls.

Step 1 

Click "Transfer" to access the call transfer options menu.

Step 2 

The "Patch-Thru Options" popup window will show your options:

Step 3 

The caller is live as soon as the Patch-Thru starts, so confirm your caller is ready to start speaking, then select the correct option and press "Dial". You will hear a beep to confirm the transfer call is going out.

Step 4

Once connected, your "Conference" pop-up will look like the screenshot below:

Step 5

Once you are sure the call was connected, click the "Leave Conference" button to leave the Patch-Thru and continue making calls. We recommend staying on the line for a few seconds before leaving to ensure that the transfer was successful.

Step 6

After leaving the conference, you will be able to select the appropriate term code on the left as you normally would.

Step 7

Then click "Save" to move on to the next call.

That’s it! Thanks for making calls and have fun transferring!