Definitions for Key Words

List - A single list of phone numbers to call.  Lists get split into cells and landlines when they are loaded into a service.

Service - A defined calling campaign. Each service can have its own unique settings and users. Services can contain multiple lists to be called in sequential order or at the same time round-robin style. 

Caller - A person making calls in ThruTalk; a volunteer or staffer.

Attempts - Any attempt to call a phone number regardless of outcome for that number; includes disconnected and invalid numbers.

Dials - Attempted calls that were actually placed to a phone number; does NOT include disconnected or invalid numbers.

Contacts - Dials that were picked up by a live person; includes wrong numbers but not answering machines or other robot pickups (fax, voicemail, busy signal).  

IDs - Contacts who successfully complete your script and had a response recorded to your main question in the dialer (usually a Support ID question).

Outbound Dials - The number of phone numbers currently being attempted at any moment (also called CIP or Calls in Progress).

Throttle - Number of calls attempted when a caller becomes available to talk; the dialer features separate throttles for landlines and cell phones; example - 6 callers at throttles of 2 for landlines and 2 for cell phones yields a maximum 24 outbound dials (6 x (2+2)).

Drops - Calls where a live person answers, but no caller is available to receive the call. Drops happen when the CIP is too high for the number of callers because callers have recently logged out, switched to not-ready, or are otherwise unavailable.

STATUS: In call - Caller is currently connected to a live pickup.

STATUS: Wrap-up - Caller has ended a call but has not recorded the results yet (you can set a maximum time limit for agents to be in wrap-up in your admin panel settings).

STATUS: Ready  - Caller is available and waiting to be connected to a live person.

STATUS: Not ready - Caller is connected but is not available to receive calls.

STATUS: Active - Reporting status that includes callers who are actively taking action in the dialer - either in call, in wrap-up, or in ready.  Does not include not ready status.