NOTE:  If you do not currently have access to this feature and wish to use Transfers, or if you have questions about access, email If the admin console service page currently does not include a transfer button it means access needs to be requested.


You can transfer calls within a phonebook of preset transfer options. When enabled, the transfer option will appear on the screen while the caller is on a connected call. 


1. Click Transfer to access the call transfer menu.

2. Transfer Options screen will be presented to you with your present options like the screenshot below:

3. The caller will select the correct option and hit Dial to start connecting. 

Note: You will hear audio tones during the transfer process while making a transfer. A single tone indicates you have connected to the transfer recipient, moved the customer or transfer recipient on or off hold, or reconnected back to the customer. 

4. Once all parties are connected, your Conference screen will look like the screenshot below:

 5. You can leave the conference by selecting "Leave Conference" (option in red below) to leave the person you called on with the transfer and so the caller can continue making calls. While it is not required that you stay connected during a conference we still recommend doing so for a few seconds before leaving to ensure that the transfer was successful. 

6. After leaving the conference, you will be able to select the appropriate term code as you normally would. 

7. Then click "Save" to move on to next call.