Syncing with VAN

ThruTalk (Legacy) results can sync to any version of VAN including NGP, Votebuilder, AmericaVotes, StateVoices, EveryAction, and SmartVAN/Targetsmart using the process detailed below.

Get an API Key

To sync with VAN, you will need a VAN API key, which is a specific code that works as a login/password to your VAN Committee for our system, to link your ThruTalk (Legacy) and VAN accounts. You can request the VAN API Key and Application Name from within your VAN committee by navigating to the API Integrations page in the sidebar:

If you cannot find this page, you will need to contact your VAN administrator or the person who created your VAN account to request this information.

You will want to request a key for the 'Get Thru Dial' or ‘Relay Dialer / ThruTalk’ integration. Once you submit this request, a VAN support ticket will be opened where your VAN administrator can authorize the request.

Once your request has been authorized, you will be provided with a link to navigate back to the API Integrations page to generate your key.

Once a key has been generated, it will be listed in the same section but in place of the 'Generate Key' button, there will be a '...' menu with an option for regenerating; this will disappear after 7 days to avoid unintentional issues with active integrations.

Warning: If you regenerate your key, it will break any existing integration that had been set up prior on your account until the new key is applied.

Update Reporting Settings with API Key

Once you have this set up in VAN you will need to change your reporting type and send the API Key via your admin console. Next steps here.

Note: If also using ThruText, ThruTalk (Legacy) needs a different API Key as it has different permissions and marks the results with the ThruTalk (Legacy) key as canvassed by phone. 

Interested in having a unified platform for both your calling and texting VAN integrated tools? Check out our new dialing tool ThruTalk (New) here that can be available from within your account!