Scripts results can sync to any version of VAN including Votebuilder, Targetsmart, AmericaVotes, and LAN. 

There are four steps to get your sync running:

  1. Get an API Key
  2. Update Reporting Settings with API Key
  3. Add Canvass Results to your script
  4. Map your question answers


Get an API Key

In order to sync with VAN, ThruTalk will need an API key, which is a specific code that works as a login/password to your VAN Committee for our system. Check here for instructions. 

Update Reporting Settings with API Key

On the admin console, Reporting Settings, use Create & Use New Reporting Method to name your API Key, designate the type, and enter the API Key. 

Map Script

Add Default Starting Question to add pre-set Canvass Results

In order to send Canvass Results, which are codes that the VAN uses to track contacts where you did not have a conversation with the voter, you just need to add the "Default Starting Question" to the beginning of your script. You can add an html box above the question but it should be the first data collection point.

The "Default Starting Question" answers, other than "Talking to Correct Person" are already pre-set to sync with your VAN canvass results with no further setup required.

Map each of your script question answers to VAN Survey Questions or Activist Codes

When setting up a question in your script, add your answers and then select a Survey Question from the search box and/or an Activist Code from the Van Activist Code search box. Just start typing in the boxes to filter your options.  

Example: Selecting a survey question and answer

Select the correct Activist Code from the drop-down options. 

Note: Use either Van Answer or Van Activist Code per answer, not both.

activist code

Save your question and your script and that's it! Your VAN sync is now successfully set up and live!

NOTE: Your Canvass Results, Survey Questions, and Activist Codes will be synced back to your VAN at around 10 pm local time and you will receive an email with a report on the sync including totals, caller details, and any free response answers or contact widget usage details. 

If switching between MyVoter sync and MyCampaign sync, you must check each answer to be sure it is present in the current sync system. 

The quickest way to check is to remove the parentheses at the end and confirm the Van Answer mapped is in this VAN. Some questions are present on both sides of VAN and some are not.