Request a Non-Standard Hours Phone bank is where you can request a phone bank outside of these hours so we can line up clickers, managers, and support staff to be on shift for your calling.

ThruTalk’s Current Standard Operating Hours are as follows: 

  • Monday - Saturday: 10 am ET - 11:30 pm ET 
  • Sunday - 12 pm ET - 11:30 pm ET

If you want to make calls outside of those hours, you can use this form to Request a Non-Standard Hours phone bank. 

Before making your request, please note the following: 


  • ThruTalk charges $100/hour for Non-Standard Hour phone banks. This charge is on top of our standard per dial charges.   
  • Requests must be submitted 72 hours in advance, though the more advance notice is appreciated and increases the chance your request can be accommodated. 
  • Requests are granted based on staff availability. ThruTalk staff will confirm that your request can be accommodated as soon as possible after its receipt, and no less than 24 hours before the requested time slot. 
  • Requests cannot have a break between when we regularly open and the requested time/duration. For example, you cannot request a Saturday phonebank from 8am to 9am because that would leave a break between 9am and our 10am open time. If you want to start calls at 8am, your Non-Standard Hour request should be for 8am to 10am.         
  • ThruTalk cannot open before 8 am local or past 11:30 pm ET.

To request a Non-Standard Hours phone bank, enter your event details in the request via your admin console.  


1. Select the Timezone you are in

2. Enter Date and Time of your phone bank

  • Options to select a date and time will appear. Select the start time of the phone bank in the timezone you choose.

3. Enter Length (in hours)

4. Confirm Understanding of $100 per hour fee.

5. Click "Schedule it" - You will receive an email to confirm the request has been received. 

6. You'll receive a calendar invite to confirm the date and time stating: 

"This request has been reviewed by a support staff member and now need to staff managers & clickers. Please accept the calendar invite to confirm the time. You'll then receive a confirmation email once there is staff scheduled for your phonebank."

7. Once staff has been scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation email stating:

"This request has been completed. Support staff, dialer managers, and monitors are scheduled for your requested time."