Accessing the Caller Login Page

The Caller Login Page is where callers claim a login to make calls for the day. This is where your logo, uploaded during initial service submission, is shown. This link does not require a user profile to access and is shareable with anyone in your calling program.

This is the default login page for your service and is created automatically for your main username group at service creation. 

To claim a login, callers will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Enter Name: Caller's Name
  2. Enter Email: Caller's Email
  3. Enter Phone: Caller's Phone Number
  4. Click "Get Your Login"

There are optional customizable fields you can add to your login page to collect information from callers, such as: 

  • Office or Home?
  • Test
  • Zip Code

Here's more information on adding additional collection options fields: Login Claim Options. Be sure to also double-check current Login Page Settings within your admin console before calling.