Requesting Past Call Results

The Past Call Results is for requesting your past calling results (includes the script results as well).


  1. Enter a Starting Date for requested results
    • Cannot be more than 3 months back
  2. Enter an Ending Date for requested results (inclusive)
    • Cannot include today
  3. Enter an Email Address to send results
  4. Click "Get Results" to send the request to be processed
    • If you have a lot of dials and/or are pulling a report for a long period of time, it could take several minutes to receive your report. If you have not received your report within 30 minutes, please reach out to support staff in live chat during operational hours or use the "Ask a Question" button on your admin panel.
    • They will come in a combined CSV file for all dates requested.

See Understanding your nightly reports for more information.

Note: Past Results via your admin console are for back up and are best for pulling reports over a short period of time where you used the same calling list. Call results will only show the most recent call for each person. For multiple attempt lists, the nightly results that we send out would be the best to reference.