The Script Manager button accesses the script management system for building, configuring, and selecting your active script for live calls. 

This button opens the home screen for the script management system. The script management system features are:

Script Manager

  1. Documentation - View our complete documentation for the script management system here.
  2. Create New Script - Create a new blank script.
  3. Script Name - Your script name. Is not shown to callers.
  4. Edit - Open the script editing system to edit the script. 
  5. Delete - Completely and permanently remove the script.
  6. Duplicate - Make an identical copy of the script.
  7. Rename - Rename the script.
  8. Active - Select this script as the live script for callers. If multiple scripts exist, only one can be designated active. Active scripts will update within 5 minutes for callers. 

Please review the complete documentation for our script management system here for more details and instruction.