The Caller ID

The Caller ID button is for updating the phone number and caller ID name that show on outgoing calls.


  • This will override the current caller id for all lists under your calling service including the primary calling list, run afters, and run together lists. If you have specific needs send in a support ticket with the details.
  • Must provide a full 10 digit caller ID number. If an incomplete number is sent in, we will use the last valid number.


  1. Update the Phone Number. 
    • This update will go into effect tomorrow. 
    • It will go into effect today if:
      • Sent before call time begins
      • On new list upload if the new list is sent today
      • On next requeue for multiple attempt same day requeue lists
  2. Update the Caller ID Name
  3. Confirm you have permission to use the Caller ID name and number.
    • Caller ID name cannot misrepresent the campaign. It must be a name that could be represented by who answered that phone on a return call. 
      • Using a dedicated google voice number that sends to campaign employee with "SamforCongress" as the Caller ID name would be an acceptable use.
      • Using "Community Voting" as the Caller ID name would not be acceptable.
  4. Click "Update" to submit the request. You will receive an email to confirm the request has been received and again when it has been completed.
Use a Google voice number (with the call forwarding turned off) so the voicemails are transcribed by Google voice. You will be able to quickly filter the messages and only listen to the ones you want.