Add a new calling service is for requesting another service be built under this account. Gives you the option to copy all current settings or fill in where you would like changes.


A new calling service is needed to simultaneously call with a different list, script, set of callers than your current calling service.

NOTE: During peak season, a new calling service can take up to 3 days to build.

There are 5 sections to create a new calling service:

  1. Required Questions
  2. Usernames
  3. Caller ID
  4. Reporting
  5. Final Details

Required Questions

  1. Service Name
    • 20 character maximum.
    • Must include a unique identifier for your campaign.
    • We must add Callers to the end. Ex. Sam Smith GOTV Callers.
  2. Date to launch service
  3. Copy this service?
    1. Yes
      • This will copy all the settings of the current service you are submitting under including; username settings, caller ID settings, and reporting.
    2. No
      • Select this option to reveal the service setting options below for your new service.
  4. Submit will only be an option still if Yes ("Copy this service") is selected.

If the new service is not a direct copy, fill in further details for anything changed. 

Usernames (Click here for more details)

  1. Accessible to same usernames as current service?
    • Yes - will not show options 2 and 3
    • No
  2. New Username Slug
    • Cannot end in a number
  3. Wrap up maximum
    • Standard time is 120 seconds

Caller ID (Click here for more details)

  1. Caller ID Name
    • 15 character maximum
  2. Caller ID Number
    • 10 numerical digits only

Reporting (Click here for more details)

  1. What kind of data syncing do you want?
  2. Show more information

Final Details

Finally, let us know if there is any additional info we should know about the new service.

Click "Submit" when ready. You will receive an email confirmation of the request.

When it has been completed you will see it on your admin panel and you will receive an email letting you know the request has been completed.  

After the service is built:

  1. Build a script
  2. Upload a list

... and start making calls!