How to Add a New Calling Service

The Add a new calling service button is for requesting another service to be built under an account. This option is for submitting a request for one additional calling service at a time. A new calling service is needed to simultaneously call with a different list, script, or set of callers than your current calling service.

Additional calling services should only be requested if all current services are being used and multiple services simultaneous calling is needed. 

  • If only one additional service is needed at this time, continue with the request. 
  • If more than one additional service is needed, do not submit this form at this time - schedule a meeting with an experienced GetThru staffer to discuss options. If more than one request is submitted, they will all be rejected.

Note: During peak season, a new calling service can take up to 5 days to build.


There are 4 sections to complete in order to create a new calling service:

  1. Service Name
  2. Soonest Date Available for Completion
  3. Caller ID
  4. Extra Details

Required Questions

Service Name:

  • 40 character maximum.
  • If the name chosen does not work for ThruTalk (Legacy) systems, the support staff will decide on a name.
  • Must include a unique account identifier for your campaign. If it is a generic name, we will not be able to accept it.
  • We must add Callers to the end. Ex. Sam Smith GOTV Callers.

Service Name is shown to callers at login and used for reporting.

  • Examples of service names ThruTalk (Legacy) cannot accommodate: Voter ID, GOTV, Line 1, Main, Spanish, Volunteer, Calls, Vol Calls, Electoral, CA Dials, Test.
  • Examples of service names ThruTalk (Legacy) can accommodate SDPDC Voter ID, Abby for Congress Vol Rec, Organization Name Line 1, Sam for Medford School Board GOTV, Adam for CA Senate Vol Outreach.
  • Every service name will have Callers added to it so your name should not include Calls as we are required to add Callers to the end within our system.
  • Only alpha-numeric characters and spaces are allowed.

Required to confirm understanding of service name rules:

Soonest Date Available for Service Completion:

Caller ID (Click here for more details):

  1. Caller ID Name
    • 15 character maximum
  2. Caller ID Number
    • 10 numerical digits only

Extra Details

Finally, let us know if there is any additional info we should know about the new service:

Click "Submit" when ready. You will receive an email confirmation of the request.

When it has been completed you will see it on your admin panel and you will receive an email letting you know the request has been completed.  

After the service is built:

  1. Build a script
  2. Upload a list

... and start making calls!

In ThruTalk (New), you can call multiple lists with different scripts, without requesting a new calling service. You can simply create multiple campaigns and call them simultaneously with ease! For more information, schedule a demo for ThruTalk (New).