Adding a Single Number Strike

The Strike a Single Number button allows you to strike a single number until a set expiration date (inclusive).

Lists buttons

On your admin panel under Lists, find the option for Strike a Single Number.


  1. Enter the phone number
  2. Enter the expiration date
    • Last day to remove the number from new lists. This will be an Inclusive date. For example, an expiration date of 12/25 means the number is open to be called again on any lists loaded on 12/26 or later.
  3. Add to strike list
    • Your number will be instantly blocked from calling for the date range you choose.

NOTE: Entries MUST be 10 digit phone numbers without any characters or spaces.

  • 9876543210 is the correct format for submission.
  • (987) 654 - 3210, 987-654-3210, +19876543210 are all INVALID submission formats.

Please submit with only 10 digits. If you verify you are submitting with only 10 digit phone numbers and are seeing an error alert, please contact and report the name of the service impacted. In the example pictured above, "ThruTalk Testing" is the service name.