Requesting a Script Review

The Request a Script Review button is to have our team review a single specific script that you have created.

Interested in a system with a simplified script creation process that allows you to add questions or incorporate branching with only the use of a drop-down menu and no visible-if conditions needed? If so, we've got you covered! Check out our new tool NewTalk to find our more.

We will identify clear issues and explain how to correct and avoid the issue moving forward. We will also communicate general advice where we see the chance to share improvement opportunities.

The form to submit to request a script review


Script Review

  1. Enter the name of the script to review
    • Find the name of the script you'd like reviewed in your Script Manager as shown in the example above. 
  2. Enter the date you need the review completed
    • Script reviews can take a significant time to complete and should not be submitted as a last-minute fix just before calling. 
    • Make sure that the script is working as intended well ahead of your phone bank. If you need to submit a script review, send in the request with enough time for GetThru staff to complete it before the phone bank.
    • Once we've replied with our recommendations and changes be sure to do a final check on your own to make sure it is functioning as you expect.
  3. Share your key concerns
    • Be as specific as possible and include links to any screenshots, videos, or additional information as needed.
    • Examples:
      • "I need help configuring the visible if logic so the 3rd question appears after the 2nd"
      • "I'm having trouble with the Yard Sign contact widget"
  4. Click on "Request Review"
    • You will receive an email to confirm the request has been received and again when it has been completed.

Note: A script review cannot be completed while there are callers in the service.