The Service Name

The Service Name button is for requesting an update on your current service name.


1. Enter new Service Name

  • 40 character maximum.
  • Your name must include an account identifier. If it is a generic name, we will not be able to accept it.
  • Every service name will have the word "Callers" added to it so your name should not include the word "Calls" as we are required to add Callers to the end within our system.
    • Ex. Sam Smith GOTV Callers.
  • Only alpha-numeric characters and spaces are allowed.
  • If the name chosen does not work for ThruTalk (Legacy) systems, the support staff will decide on a name.
    • Examples of names ThruTalk (Legacy) cannot accommodate: Voter ID, GOTV, Line 1, Main, Spanish, Volunteer, Calls, Vol Calls, Electoral, CA Dials, Test.
    • Examples of names ThruTalk (Legacy) can accommodate: SDPDC Voter ID, Abby for Congress Vol Rec, Organization Name Line 1, Sam for Medford School Board GOTV, Adam for CA Senate Vol Outreach.

2. Enter soonest available date to change the name

  • The service name cannot be changed the same day.
  • Changes to SERVICE name require minimum 24 hours lead time and up to 48 hours in order to guarantee reporting functions correctly.

3. Click "Submit"

  • You receive a confirmation email of the request and when it is completed.