ThruTalk (Legacy) Product FAQ

How Do I Get Started with a ThruTalk (Legacy) Account?

The first step is to request a demo. The best way to learn about our products is to see them in action. If you are already familiar with the ThruTalk (Legacy) platform and are ready to get started, you can fill out this form to get the ball rolling on account setup.

How Quickly Can I Get Started with a ThruTalk (Legacy) Account?

ThruTalk (Legacy) accounts can be set up within a single business day after you sign the basic service agreement.

Does ThruTalk (Legacy) Have an Integration with VAN?

Yes; ThruTalk (Legacy) has a direct reporting sync with VAN that covers the various versions of Votebuilder, America Votes, and Targetsmart! The results recorded by your script are synced back to survey questions and activist codes. You set up your result mapping in the script when you add a question. You can read more about the VAN integration and our other reporting options here.

Who Do I Reach Out to for More Information About a New Account?

If you have some initial questions, please email:

Can't Find the Information You Are Looking For?

For technical support, please contact:

For assistance with an invoice or payment question, please contact: