Why does ThruTalk (Legacy) charge per dial, not per minute?

ThruTalk (Legacy) charges per dial for simple, predictable budgeting and to encourage actual conversations.

Simple, predictable budgeting

GetThru was built by organizers who know how hard it can be to estimate your budget in traditional per-minute landline dialers. You need to know your contact rate, your conversation lengths, and your rates of bad numbers to know how many minutes you will be using, data points you don't even know until after you have started calling. Plus, all the calling rates can swing wildly based on factors outside your control, making estimates even that much harder.

With ThruTalk (Legacy), all you need to know is how many calls you want to make, and you will know how much it will cost. No need to predict how those calls are going to turn out. You can take the guesswork out of budgeting, and hopefully, make your calling budget more likely to be approved. 

Encourage actual conversations

Charging by minute punishes campaigns and organizations for having real conversations with your calling targets. An engaged calling list with a high contact rate, a few verbose callers, or a complex script can cause your program to run through its budget early, leaving other calling targets unattempted and perhaps leaving votes on the table. 

ThruTalk (Legacy) charges you one cost per dial no matter the length or result so campaigns and organizations can focus on creating real connections, not worrying about how much budget is left. 

Additionally, with our options for prepaid bulk discounts, pay-as-you-go bulk discounts, and package discounts with ThruText, per dial pricing allows ThruTalk (Legacy) to put affordable and predictable calling within reach for all organizations and campaigns.

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