The general question types are for text input, checkboxes, radio button groups, drop-downs, ratings, HTML/Text Boxes, and Panels. Click on the options in the left columns of the script manager, or drag and drop them to the center, to add them to your script. 

NOTE: You can also add pre-made groups of questions for the most commonly scenarios using the question templates. See "Understanding Question Templates" for more information.

See below for more information on each question type:

  1. Single Input
  2. Checkbox
  3. Radiogroup
  4. Dropdown
  5. HTML/Text Box
  6. Panel

Important Note: "Other" options within each question type shouldn't be used at all unless you want to collect simply "other" - any text entered into the other field on any question types won't capture what the people type into that other field.


Single Input 

A text input field in the script where callers can record responses in text.

  • Can be used as a notes section within the script for callers to use
  • Should be used in place of the 'Has other item' feature to record freeform text



Checkbox type questions will allow for a caller to select multiple answers for a single question. See here for more information.

Should be used only when multiple answers are being recorded. If just one answer in the question is needed always use a radiogroup instead.



A list of buttons where only one option can be selected. Fill in the possible answers in the "Answers" tab when you edit a question. This question type should be the standard for most script questions and is the easiest to follow while going through a script.



Dropdown type questions will allow for a caller to select one option for a question from a dropdown menu. Fill in the possible answers in the "Answers" tab when you edit a question


Advanced HTML/Text Box 

Show formatted text only to callers. No input. As an advanced HTML box, the content can be customized using HTML coding; this feature does not include a WYSIWYG editor. See here for more information. 



Containers that can hold multiple questions. See here for more information.