Understanding Question Templates

Question templates are pre-made sets of the most commonly used questions and script sections to make script creation easier and faster for you.

  • Scripts can and will have a mix of template question groups and single questions you manually add to fill out your script
  • You can add templates by clicking on them in the left column to add them to the bottom of your script or drag and drop them in exactly where you want them.
  • Templates are in panels. See here for more information about how to use panels. 
  • Template content (except for the Default Starting Question) is editable to fit your needs
  • Script Template question branching is already set up within the question set, you only need to trigger the first question in a template using a VisibleIf condition on that question. Read more about "Visible If" here

There are eight pre-made templates to choose from:

Default Starting Question

Typically the first question in the script, whether the caller is talking to the correct person, or has not been able to reach them for various reasons.

Things to remember:

  • If you have VAN sync set up, you are REQUIRED to use this as your first question as the results sync to the appropriate canvass results in VAN. We highly recommend all clients use some version of an opening question in your script to ensure you are collecting granular contact data from your callers
  • The first question should not be edited due to the specificity required for VAN syncing. See this guide for more details: The Default Starting Question.
  • The second HTML/Text box type question in the template is editable.
  • While this should be the first question in your script, you can safely include HTML/text boxes above the first question template.

Tip: To move on in the script, have your following question visible if the answer to this question is "Talked to Correct Person"


Candidate Support Template

Basic candidate support path. Covers these questions:

  1. Have you heard about our candidate (name ID)
  2. Level of Support
  3. Volunteer Ask (if strong supporter)

candidate support

The Visible Ifs are set up in the following path:

Candidate Support Flow


Contact Widget

Set of questions to collect phone and email information and send a pre-set text or email message directly from the script.

The contact widget has three parts:

  1. Can we send an email or text?
  2. Email input
  3. Phone input

Contact Widget

NOTE: Any text collection box includes the ability to add custom content for email and text messages to be sent out when we record email addresses and phone numbers. See "Understanding the Contact Widget" for more details on how to use the auto contact system. 

The Contact Widget Template has a few features associated with it that the regular questions do not, including: 

  • validation of phone and email
  • a button that appears for callers to continue in the script after recording the information
  • built-in visible if logic for faster setup

The Visible Ifs are set up in the following path:

Contact Widget Flow 

Things to remember:

  • If you want to use the Contact Widget twice, change the question names that start with “contact_email” or “contact_text” respectively (ex: “contact_email_polling” or “contact_text_2”). Starting the question name with contact_email or contact_text will activate the Contact Widget features. See "Understanding question names" for more details on question names. 
  • To continue with questions after the Contact Widget if it appears before the end of your script you will want to continue after a "no" for the original question or if the caller inputs a phone number or email address. You will most likely want to set up the Visible If for the following question with the following:
    • {can_contact} = "No" or {contact_email} notempty or {contact_text} notempty


Issues Question

Asks what issue is important to contacts and gives more information on each. Contains:

  1. Issue question
  2. Issue 1 more info + follow-up question
  3. Issue 2 more info + follow-up question
  4. Issue 3 more info + follow-up question
  5. Issue 4 more info + follow-up question
  6. Issue 5 more info + follow-up question
  7. Issue 6 more info + follow-up question

This question template is perfect to hook into the contact widget to send contacts more information about the issue they care about.


The Visible Ifs are set up in the following path:

 Issue Flow


Ending Html Question

The Ending Html Question template is the same as the ending content available in the Default Staring Question Template.  We have provided this custom HTML content as its own template to create endings for all your script pathways that encourage the callers to make the appropriate call result selections.

As an advanced HTML box, the content for the Ending Question can be customized using HTML coding; this feature does not include a WYSIWYG editor.


Iframe Template

A custom feature that uses the <iframe> HTML tag to allow scripts to incorporate external content directly into the script content. Contains:

  1. A text cue to indicate where to make your changes
  2. A complete <iframe> code sample for your customization

Procedure to use the Iframe Template:

  1. Find the Iframe Template under the available selection of templates in your script editor
  2. Click on the "Iframe Template" button to add the template to the end of your script, or drag and drop the template into your script at your preferred location
  3. Click on the body of the template to edit the content
  4. Open the "HTML Editor" Section
  5. Remove the sample instructions
  6. Remove the sample URL from the sample code
  7. Insert the URL you wish to be embedded in the script as shown above
  8. Click "Apply" then "Ok"

Things to remember:

  • Web content that includes "sameorigin" headers cannot be used for embedding content through an Iframe
  • Check for "sameorigin" headers or other potential issues with your URL using this free tool
  • The provided variables for height and width (as seen in the sample Iframe code) are customizable
  • Data captured through an Iframe for an external form will not be captured by the dialer systems - that data will be saved wherever the external form saves the information