Understanding Question Order

You can change the order of questions in the Script Manager by clicking and dragging on the hamburger menu in the title of the question.

Put the questions in the order you’d like them to appear. They will appear in the order that they are in the editor. 

If you are using question branching, they will still appear in place when their "visible If" property is engaged. Visible If only hides or shows a question, it does not change the question order. Because of this, put them in sequence order even if you're using question branching. In the example below, the support ID question is put before the name ID question, causing it to appear in the wrong order in the script.

Question order example

When you need to have a circular branch that returns to the main script (i.e. confirming event details before moving on with the rest of the script), you should set the entire branch in the correct script position.


Question Order ExampleOrder