Can't Access Login Page?

If a caller is unable to access the login page you should follow these steps:

  1. Verify the correct URL from the admin panel
  2. Contact ThruTalk (Legacy) support

Verify the correct URL from the admin panel


Callers can't access the login page to claim a login for the dialer.


The URL to the login page is incorrect. The original source link may have been copied incorrectly, or there may be a misunderstanding as to where callers should be going to call.


Visit your admin panel to obtain the correct web address for accessing the login page. The button to obtain the correct URL is near the top of the admin panel options, in the section labeled External (Shareable) Links, which looks like the following:

Demo Caller Login Page

When you click the Caller Login Page link you will be directed to the login page in a new browser tab.  Confirm the URL is the same URL that the caller is attempting to visit and update any training materials accordingly.

Caller Login Page URL

Additionally, if the campaign wishes to embed the dialer directly into another web page or if you need to check/update your embed code, use the Caller Login Embed Code info. 

Contact ThruTalk (Legacy) support


The login URL is correct but the login page is not loading.


While very rare, the issue could be caused by server issues or other downtime problems.


Take a screenshot of your entire web browser, including the URL, and reach out to us via Live Chat during open chat hours, or submit a ticket for additional assistance. 

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