Script Does Not Load for Callers?

To troubleshoot script issues you should have results from at least two different callers to ensure you are doing the proper troubleshooting. Script issues are broken down into two main categories:

  1. At least one caller sees the script during their calls and we should proceed to local troubleshooting for the callers with the issue and their devices
  2. Everyone in your calling group fails to see the script during their calls and we should proceed to check script settings and configuration.

NOTE: If you only have one caller, make a few test calls yourself so you can better troubleshoot the issue.

Script is not working for a single caller


A caller does not see the script when connected to a call. Other callers (either in the same place or elsewhere) do see the script when they connect to a call.


Script loading issues are most commonly connection-related or something in the browser blocking the script. If the script was working before but not currently, it's most likely a connection issue. If the script never worked, it's more likely a browser or device issue. If everyone is having issues in the same location, it's more likely a connection issue. 


Do the appropriate troubleshooting steps below:

Browser Troubleshooting

  • Make sure you are using the most updated version of the Chrome or Firefox browser. Other browsers are not recommended, and Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer are not supported.
  • Run the dialer in "incognito" or private browsing mode to automatically disable most extensions.  If you have browser extensions that are set to run in private browsing mode, disable those manually and restart your browser to try again.
  • Clear your cookies and cache, then restart your device before trying to sign back in. 

Device Troubleshooting

  • Reboot the device
  • Refresh the device's connection to the internet
  • If possible, switch from wifi to a wired ethernet connection
  • If possible, try a different device

Internet Connection Troubleshooting (for issues across a location)

  • Manually reset your modem; typically you need only to disconnect the power connection, wait for thirty seconds, and reconnect the device's power.
  • Check your overall speed performance by visiting the internet speed test option of your preference; a web search for "speed test" will provide you with many options.
  • Test for packet loss on your connection; this requires a local "ping" command. Perform a web search for "how to run a ping test" to find instructions appropriate to your operating system.
  • Call your service provider to initiate a system test, to activate a modem refresh, and/or to confirm if there are any outages in your area.
  • Seek technical support from your service provider after testing all the above - especially if you confirm packet loss occurring during your "ping" test and/or ping times above 100ms.


Script is not working for all callers


Script is not loading for any caller in any location on any device.


Most commonly the script is not complete, active, or configured correctly.  Very rarely there may be a system error if there is total script failure.


Go through the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that you have a script marked active in the script manager.

  • Check that your active script has content by clicking the "Edit" button and confirming your script is there. 
  • Check your script preview link is working. You can find the links under the External (Shareable) Links section. 

  • At this point please connect to our staff on live chat to have our team dig deeper and correct any system or configuration issues.

    IMPORTANT: See if your initial caller with the issue can provide you with a screenshot of their full display including the URL bar of the browser - and collect the same full display screenshot showing your experience of the issue.  If you have trouble directly collecting a screenshot on the devices in question, a cell phone camera picture of the display will assist our team in solving the issue. We will be able to assist you in sending us those screenshots directly through the live chat system.