Call Result Definitions and Usage

Selecting a Call Result is necessary for callers to complete their current call and move on to their next call. Selecting the correct result is important for data collection, especially when using the multiple attempt list strategy. See List Strategies for more info. 

NOTE: Call Results are different from script-based results. Please review our FAQ: Script Results vs. Call Results for a full explanation of the difference.  


  1. Talked to Correct Person
    • The caller spoke to the correct person and completed the call
  2. No Contact
  3. Remove Number - Do Not Call
    • The caller either reached the:
      • Correct person and they refused to speak or expressed they do not want to be called
      • Incorrect number for the person they are trying to reach - where it is a wrong number, disconnected, the person has moved or is deceased
Once a caller has used a term code during a calling session, that term code will be available for quick use under the "Recent" tab. You can read a full explanation of the "Recent" tab here.