List Strategy

List strategies are used when you do not complete your calling list the day it is submitted and the list is loaded up the next day. 

There are two basic reload strategies in the dialer depending on your list size and your current priorities. You select your list strategy when you upload a new list into a service.

Strategy 1: Single Attempt 

This strategy removes all attempted numbers from the next day's calling list, even if no one talked to the contact.  

  • This is the strategy to pick when you are making the first attempt through your universe.  This calling strategy is best at cleaning out bad numbers. Unattempted calls will be loaded each morning until the list is completed.
  • Always use Single Attempt if you are unable to complete your entire call list in a single day.

Strategy 2: Multiple Attempt  

This strategy removes any calls with "Talked to Correct Person" or "Remove Number" call result. Calls with no call result (i.e. voice mail or no pickup) and calls with a "NEXT CALL - No Contact" call result will get reloaded to be attempted again in the future. Here's a Multiple Attempt Calling Overview guide that will provide for more info! 

  • This is the best strategy for when you have a cleaned finite universe and want to attempt calling people multiple times until you talk to them. This is also a good list order for when you expect to make it through a list daily but are unable to send refreshed lists each day.
  • ONLY use Multiple Attempt calling if you are calling your entire list at least once in a single day. Multiple attempt lists start back at the top day-to-day. For example, if you called half of your list on day one, you will start day two back at the top of the list with a second attempt to the same people, before you get to the unattempted half farther down. If you only call half your list each day, you would be giving many attempts to the same people at the top of the list until they picked up, while the folks at the bottom of the list may never get a first attempt.
  • When requesting Multiple Attempt Calling, your program will need to be sure callers understand each call result option and select the appropriate call result option. Incorrect selections will result in known bad numbers or previously contacted targets receiving multiple unnecessary call attempts. Read about our call result definitions.

More Details

Call Result:
Talked to Correct Person
No Contact
Remove Number
No AnswerNo Attempt
Single Attempt:RemoveRemoveRemoveRemoveKeep in list
Multiple Attempt:RemoveCall againRemoveCall againKeep in list

Play Order for Uploading a List

REPLACE the current list - Replace all current lists with this list.  All other existing lists will be stopped leaving only this one.

RUN AFTER the current list - This list will only begin to play after the current list has been completed. All other existing lists remain active.  This list strategy may cause downtime for your callers while our system switches to the next list.

  • When there are two or more lists within your service (a primary and a run after) and both are set to Multiple Attempt, the default order will be "AB-AB". Meaning, that your primary list (A) will play once, then the run after list (B), then this will repeat again from the primary. This order will minimize delays between lists. 
  • Lists can also have an "AA-BB" play order. This means the primary will play first two times (AA) and then the run after will be played two times (BB). If your calling strategy needs to follow this order, please let us know in chat or reply to your list upload confirmation email. 
  • When there are multiple active lists in your service, the current list and any other preceding multiple attempt lists will be changed to single attempt play strategy overnight. Setting these to single attempt allows us to finish and move on to the new list without having to speak to every phone number before moving on. Here's an example on how that looks: 

run after list changes

RUN TOGETHER with the current list - This list will play at the same time as your current list when it is loaded. If this list is a multiple attempt list, we will requeue it independently of other lists and will not wait for another list to finish to start the second attempt.

  • Please note that with this method, if you load more than one multiple attempt, run together list, only the final list loaded will be multiple attempt for the next day. All previous lists will revert to single attempt at the end of the night.
  • If a RUN TOGETHER list is added after any RUN AFTER lists, all of the lists will be changed to RUN TOGETHER. Here's how that would look: 

For detailed tips on uploading lists, please review our guide Best Practices for List Loading.