A Further Look into Multiple Attempt Calling


Our Multiple Attempt Calling option is an advanced strategy, best used only when you are willing to call each target until they provide a result. Multiple Attempt Calling places a significant responsibility on calling agents to correctly provide the call results, which control who receives additional calls and who does not.


To make the most of Multiple Attempt Calling, you should also review the following guides and ensure your team fully understands these topics:


  1. List Strategy Options and Play Order
  2. Reviewing Number of Attempts Per Contact in a Multiple Attempt List
  3. Reaching Out to Each Contact Once Before Another Attempt


In our Multiple Attempt Calling Overview guide, we discuss recommendations for when using the multiple attempt calling may be preferred. In this guide we will go into further detail on when it is best to consider the multiple attempt calling strategy, and the importance of accurate call and script result data for this strategy.

Choosing Multiple Attempt Calling as a strategy

If your team is unsure about which strategy to select, here are some questions to consider: When should lists be called repeatedly? What is an appropriately sized list for the Multiple Attempt option?


In almost all cases, through the first phase of your program, we recommend Single Attempt as your calling strategy. Depending on the source of your data, you may find that anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent of the phone numbers are disconnected (deliverability error result) or no longer in service.  Our Single Attempt strategy is best for preparing your universe for its maximum efficiency by helping your team hone in on just the real callable numbers you have available.

The Multiple Attempt strategy is best applied when your base of calling agents is large enough and active enough to complete the list each day that you make calls. While the dialer will start with numbers that have not been attempted before making a second attempt, it will be more difficult for your team to see your total list penetration and attempts if you are calling only small portions of the list each day. 

Once your universe is "cleaned" by removing the invalid and incorrect numbers, and at a point where you are confident in your daily capacity for call volume, then consider what type of targeting would give you a list that you are certain you want to successfully contact top to bottom with our Multiple Attempt strategy. 

Additional Tips

  • Monitor the combined percentage of invalid (disconnected) numbers plus reported wrong numbers from your results - when you first start your program, and as you move forward
  • For VAN users, pay close attention to updates that the vendor has added new numbers for existing voters (contacts) in the system
  • Maximize your calling sessions with our tips for your calling program - when you make the most of your usage you can make your best estimate of your calling pace, and we are glad to assist in your determination

Call Results Correlating to Script Results

When reviewing your results, you will want to be sure that the "Call Results" correlate with high accuracy to your "Script Results." Review the difference between "Call Results" and "Script Results" here.

Reviewing your reported results often is a good practice as it can help you keep tabs on your callers' behaviors. If you have selected CSV reporting, you can make comparisons nightly from the files you receive, and if you have requested SYNC reporting you can always get CSV reports by requesting past results through the admin panel system. Get a refresher on the different reporting options here if needed.


When "Call Results" and "Script Results" correlate accurately, you can be sure that your list strategy choice is at peak efficiency. Your calling agents are especially critical in maintaining efficiency and accuracy while using our Multiple Attempt list strategy.

If your callers are always selecting the call result "NEXT CALL - Talked to Correct Person" when they speak to the contact, and only when they reach the correct person, you will see a match between the number of call results marked "Talked to Voter" and the number of script results marked with "Talking to Correct Person."

When these do not correlate, callers are inconsistently selecting call results, which can mean that some people who have been identified may receive duplicate calls at a later date.  Additionally, people who have not been identified may stop receiving further calls and your list may never reach some targets. Read more about accuracy in call results here and find tips on troubleshooting inconsistencies in your call results here.


  • "Call Result" selections determine list behavior when using Multiple Attempt calling; this is critical as these choices define which numbers remain callable on subsequent days
  • Callers who provide incorrect selections for their "Call Result" choices will yield two problems: people with responses get additional calls, and people without responses stop getting calls
  • All "Script Results" are reported based on selections made in the script, independently from "Call Results" reporting which affects list behavior only. This means that both, CSV and SYNC reporting choices, will provide full accurate data even when callers are negatively impacting list performance with incorrect "Call Results" selections
  • "Single Attempt" calling efficiency is not impacted by inaccurate "Call Results" selections - each number is dialed a single time only in all instances
  • When callers speak to the correct person but that person asks to be called back at a later time, callers should choose "Not Home" in the script and select "NEXT CALL - No Contact" for the "Call Result"