"Recent" Call Results Drop-Down

To conclude the currently active call and become ready for a new call, callers must select a call result code ("Term Code") on the left side of the screen.  (Term codes are not script results. See FAQ: Script results vs Call results for more details.)

Once a caller has completed their first call, call results will appear in two drop-down menus. The first is labeled Recent and the second is labeled Term Codes.recent and term codes dropdown

Understanding Recent Term Code Options

After a caller has used a term code to end a call during their current calling session, that term code will appear in the Recent drop-down (highlighted above) to make it easier to find in a subsequent call.

The Recent term codes are not unique and will still be in the normal term code drop-down menu in addition to the Recent menu.

These Recent codes reflect the choices made by the caller during the current session only. Recent codes are not previous call results for the particular contact (voter) you are calling, nor are they a reflection of recent results selected by other calling agents.

recent dropdown

Understanding Term Codes Options

During an agent's calling session, all available call results are always present in the Term Codes drop-down (highlighted above) during a live call. The selections are not visible between calls.

As each Term Codes selection is used by the calling agent, that option becomes available in the Recent selection drop-down as well (as described above). 

For the definitions and usage of the term codes see this page.term codes dropdown