How to Check a Ticket's Status

In the ThruTalk Help Center, you can view the current status of a ticket by clicking the "Check Ticket Status" link.

Log in using the same Google account you use for your ThruTalk (Legacy) admin access. If you choose to sign in via the "Google" button, remember that the account you are currently logged into must be the same one connected to your admin account to successfully log in.

Once logged in, you can access the "Tickets" tab to view the status of your tickets. All of your tickets and work requests will be accessible from this page:

By default, it shows "Open or Pending" Tickets. However, you can change the drop-down to "All Tickets" to see completed tickets in addition to uncompleted tickets or to "resolved or closed" to only view completed tickets.

Note: You can also click on the "Check Ticket Status" button on the ThruTalk (Legacy) service page to access this help center page:

check ticket status button on admin console