Before you can begin calling, you need to build a script in the script manager. Below are step by step instructions and links to articles with more information on each subject.

Step by Step:

  1. Start at your admin console. 
  2. In the Scripts section right-click on the Admin Script Preview and open in a new tab to use to check your script as you go.
  3. Click on the Script Manager button under the Scripts section. 
  4. Check that your script is marked “Active”
  5. There are two ways to create a script:

    • "Create a New Script" to create a script from scratch. When creating a new script, you will start with a blank script.
    • "Duplicate" to create an exact replica of an already existing script. Each service starts with a default example script.
  6. When creating a new script, you will start with a blank script.
  7. Drag a question over to the box or click the question type or template to insert it into the script. 
  8. Start by editing your question. Click the edit button for that question.
    1. Each question needs a unique name.
      • Set your questions names when you create a new question. 
      • Changing questions names later in the script process will require you to update any question logic references where you used the previous question name.
    2. The Question Text is the text your caller will see.
    3. Answers are the buttons.
      1. Value is for what you see in reporting.
      2. Text is what the caller see’s as the options to click.
      3. Button Color can be changed.
      4. This is where VAN Sync setup is located.
    4. Visible If is important to be sure your script flows properly.
  9. Decide on your script flow and your next question type or your next template to use. 
  10. Save often as you go. Click save the script and go test the logic and how it looks in the Admin Script Preview.
  11. Check your questions are in order.
  12. Test if you click talking to Correct Person, the second question comes up. Go through each question and your logic.
  13. There is already a script ending so if a button should lead to an end such as Strong Oppose, go to your ending and add visible if for the buttons you want to lead to the end. Use “or” instead of “and”.
  14. Test your script logic as you go. Save with each update to see the change in the admin preview.
  15. Once you feel you have it to a good place, check the link for what callers see in the external script preview
  16. Click through the script one last time to be sure it is ready for your callers. We highly encourage you read your script out loud before you start calling to test the length and to make sure that it sounds natural. 
  17. Your script is ready for use!

If you find you still need help, submit a script review with what you need to be reviewed. We are here to help! ThruTalk support staff will identify clear issues and provide an explanation of how to correct and avoid the issue moving forward. We will also communicate general advice where we see the chance to share improvement opportunities.