Checkbox type questions will allow for a caller to select multiple answers for a single question. 

If collecting only one answer to advance the script, always use a radiogroup question instead. 

Fill in the possible answers in the "Answers" tab when you edit a question.

Checkbox "Visible IF" instructions

To set up Visible If conditions based on checkbox answers, use the "contains" keyword option. You can access this in the dropdown for adding Visible If conditions, or add it in the text area.


  • Make the question visible if these answers are all selected
    • {question1} contains "item1" and {question1} contains "item2" and {question1} contains "item3"

  • Make the question visible if some of the checkboxes are selected using "or":
    • {question1} contains "item1" or {question1} contains "item2"

  • You can also use the "notempty" condition if you want to show the question if any of the checkboxes are selected:
    • {question1} notempty