Advanced HTML/Text Box

The Advanced HTML text box allows you to customize script content with HTML coding. This feature does not include a WYSIWYG editor to view the formatted result in the editor; however, by using the "Test Script Logic" option, you can view how the formatted text will appear for callers in the preview and for live calls.

Test Script Logic

Without HTML formatting, text will appear in the default font and size. Use HTML formatting to customize the text displayed in your script with emphasis, size, color, breaks, division boxes, and more. The only limit is your comfort with implementing HTML. 

It is not technically a question because it will not have answers that show to users, but it can be set up just the same with question branching through the "Visible If" property. 

Example of using the Html Editor:

Example of how that text looks in the Script Manager:

Example of how that text looks in the Script Preview:

  • Each line has to be wrapped with a <p> as shown.
  • <br> for line break.
  • <strong> for bold.
  • <em> for italics.
  • <h4> as a choice for a larger text font
  • <h3> for even larger font
  • Each line has to end in a </ > for each option as shown in the example above.

More advanced usages:

  • <img> insert any campaign motivational image or infographic
  • <iframe> insert forms and sign-up URLs directly into your script; keep in mind that data collected with a form displayed by <iframe> will not also be reported in your ThruTalk (Legacy) results.
  • <a href> reference external documents for callers to open in a new tab; make sure to include the target="_blank" attribute. Also a great option for content that cannot be put in an <iframe> due to "same origin" headers.

Use this feature for when you have long statements you want callers to speak before they ask a certain question, or in cases where you may need to insert special instructions.

Ending Html Question

The Ending Html Question template is an example of an HTML/Text Box. The Ending Html Question template is the same as the ending content available in the Default Staring Question Template. We have provided this custom HTML content as its own template to create endings for all your script pathways that encourage the callers to make the appropriate call result selections.

As an advanced HTML box, the content for the Ending Question can be customized using HTML coding; this feature does not include a WYSIWYG editor.


Additional Information from your call list
The HTML Question template can also be used to add information from your list using variables in addition to the standard fields in the caller's left panel:

See this page on instructions on adding this: Adding Additional Information To Scripts.