Multiple Attempt Calling - Only uncontacted calls are reloaded at the start of calling hours. Numbers will be removed when "Talked to Correct Person" or "Remove from list" call result is recorded with the target, no matter the result of that conversation. Calls with no call result (i.e. voice mail or no pickup) and calls with a "NEXT CALL - No Contact" call result will get reloaded to be attempted again in the future. These uncontacted voters will be loaded each morning until everyone is contacted regardless of number of attempts.

"Talked to Correct Person" 
"No Contact" 
"Remove from List"
  Multiple  Attempt 


Call Again


Call Again

Keep in list

  1. Confirm understanding that callers have a high burden of responsibility for selecting the correct call result. 
  2. Select the multiple attempt in the List Strategy dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the total number of passes to complete each day in the Daily Attempt Count field.

Important Notes: 

In order to load the list for another pass in the same day, every person needs to finish their phone call from the previous pass. Callers should keep calls short as the list is ending to ensure a quick reload. 

Each day the list is loaded and starts from the top, regardless of the number of attempts, this is why multi-pass is only recommended for finishing the list or almost finishing it on a daily basis.

Multi attempt lists will be updated to single pass overnight if a run after is sent. See LIST STRATEGY OPTIONS AND PLAY ORDER for more details.

  • Generally recommended for: 
    • During GOTV when you do want to contact everyone on the list and don't mind multiple attempts calls to get someone on the line since they are known supporters. 
    • Small universes where your volunteer capacity is going to be able to complete a majority or plurality of your list each day and you don't have more numbers to load.
  • This is the best strategy for when you have a cleaned finite universe and want to attempt people multiple times until you talk to them.
  • This is also a good list order for when you expect to make it through a list on a daily basis but are unable to send refreshed lists on a daily basis. 
  • Uncontacted voters will be loaded each morning until everyone is contacted regardless of number of attempts.
  • Your program will need to be sure callers understand each call result option and how to correctly select the appropriate call result option. Incorrect selections will result in known bad numbers or previously contacted targets receiving multiple unnecessary call attempts. Read about our call result options here

Number of Attempts to Make


When choosing Multiple Attempt Calling, your team is confident that you would like to talk to every person on your list. How many times should you complete the list before replacing it? How long should the list exist without replacement?


Each complete pass through your list yields diminishing returns. While you wish to identify the support for every target on your list, not everyone will answer even after multiple attempts have been made. As this reduced efficiency varies too much for us to give a definitive answer, due to factors as diverse as weather conditions and regional behaviors, the best gauge is to monitor your results daily. Note when you see a marked decrease in the percentage of canvassed identifications and prepare a new list immediately.

As a general suggestion, we advise all organizations to consider replacing lists weekly. Your comprehensive strategies including email, texting, and canvassing will inevitably have some amount of overlap with your calling lists. By replacing your multiple attempt lists at least weekly, we find a successful balance of repeating attempts to a calling list with minimal overlap with your other outreach efforts.


  • For a given week, five complete passes is a solid guiding rule for a thorough effort to reach everyone possible via the Multiple Attempt strategy. You should track your results to see when your list is not worth another attempt
  • Outside of GOTV, we suggest to limit daily repeat round of calls to one extra rotation only. In times of high urgency campaigns can see valuable results on a third attempt in a single day.  A fourth attempt in a single day is highly inadvisable - "do not contact" requests soar as a percentage of results
  • Contact rates vary widely for many factors from accuracy of the numbers on the list, to the day and time of your calls; 20% contacts is exceptional, while a dive in contact results to under 5% would indicate a new list should be created
  • Regularly replacing your Multiple Attempt list with new lists minimizes overlap with other outreach efforts, but also maximizes your ability to track who belongs at which step of your engagement process - from unsure, to supporter, to donor, to volunteer

See Understanding Multiple Attempt Calling for more strategical advise.