ThruTalk has a new feature! Account Owners are now able to see the list of admins on the account as well as add and remove admins. To designate or modify owners on your account, have the contract signer or an existing owner contact with updates to owner level permissions. 

Start at

Click on your account. Click "Manage Users."

You will see the list of users on your account.

To add an admin, enter the email into the box and click "Add Admin"

Note: It must be a gsuite or google based email. Any email can be google-enabled. Users can create a google account using any existing email.

The new admin will be listed on this user page. They can now go to and sign in with the email listed to access this account. 

To remove a user, click "remove" on the right.

An account can have multiple owners. Please have the contract holder or an existing owner contact support at to add or remove owner permissions on the account.