Reporting Settings is for checking current options for reporting settings and making updates.

  • Send Report to Emails
    • Add or Remove an email from nightly reports, which are how your call results are sent each day
  • Change Reporting Results
    • Check Current Sync System and Current Authorization
    • Change reporting type to a different system by either choosing an existing API Key on file or submitting a new one. 

Important Notes:

  • If you choose to use our Sync Systems, make sure to set up a reporting method for both MyVoters and MyCampaign. You will only need one authorization, which you will apply to both reporting methods.  More details on configuring reporting methods below.
  • We cannot sync both Myvoters and MyCampaign data in the same day.
  • If you need to call both MyVoters and MyCampaign data in the same day, you must select .csv reporting for that day as your results will not sync properly.  
  • Whenever you switch from your MyVoters reporting method to your MyCampaign reporting method, be sure to review your question/answer configurations for each sync mapping in the script editor for the script you wish to use that day.
  • Best practice is to make sure these settings align with your plans for your calling day at the beginning of your calling day.


Enter an email address and click add email to add to nightly reports. Click remove next to an email to remove.

Nightly Reports begin running around 10 pm local time and you will receive the report shortly thereafter depending on the amount of calls and the time required to run the report. 

Change Reporting Results is for switching your call reporting type to a different kind. 

See more details here: Reporting Options: Full Sync vs CSV.

Current options are displayed as

  • Current Sync System: VAN or CSV
  • Current Authorization: Name: MyVoters or MyCampaign or none

Use Existing Reporting Method

  • Select Method: Options are VAN MyCampaign, VAN MyVoters, and CSV only

Create & Use New Reporting Method - For Sync Only

NOTE: If you are using VAN Sync, you need to set up answer mapping in your script. It's fast and easy to do (Step by Step Guide here). If you are switching systems, go back through each question to be sure it is mapped to a survey question / answer.