Welcome to ThruTalk!

In order to make calls in ThruTalk, you will need a laptop, desktop, or tablet. (iPads are not supported)

Audio can be done through the computer using headphones or the internal microphone or via a landline or cell phone.

We also recommend having a headset to make your calling experience more comfortable.

When you are ready to make calls, Start at the login page provided for you by the campaign. 

Enter your name, email and phone number to claim your login.

Copy & paste your login information into the LiveVox Agent Sign In.

Click “Next”. Now select the correct service. If you are unsure about what service to select, ask your campaign contact. 

If using your computer for audio, continue. If you prefer or need to call into the system, uncheck “Call using computer”. 

 Once ready to start connecting to calls, click “Sign In”.

If calling in:

Call the number on the screen and enter the pin followed by the pound or hashtag key to log in. 

Now relax because you don’t have to dial or hangup again until you are done making calls for the day. 

If you have a headset, its best to put your phone to the side and don't even touch it again until the end of your calling shift.

If using Computer audio:

The browser will ask for permission to allow access to the computer audio. Allow the use of a microphone with the selected browser. 

The system will start making calls to voters for you using a campaign number and will show you a waiting screen while it dials. 

When you hear a beep, that means a call has connected and you should start speaking right away.

When you click on a script button, the script will change to show you the next thing to say. 

It is important to click through the buttons even if you know the script because they are tracked for each conversation.

When you are done with the call click on "next call" on the left to move on to your next call.  

Click save to move on.

When you are done making calls select “not ready” then click “save”.  

Your screen will confirm you are no longer taking calls. Then just close the window to hang up your phone or disconnect your audio.

That's it! Thanks for making calls in ThruTalk.

Note: Call in using Computer increases the bandwidth needed for each connection. For locations with multiple callers and/or slower internet, you should call in to establish a persistent audio connection.