ThruTalk has a new VoIP option for audio connection during calls - “Call using computer”

Audio can now be done completely through the computer using headphones or the internal microphone. This will become the default calling option on login. The call-in option via a landline or cell phone is accessed by unchecking “Call using computer”.

This will allow callers to use just 1 device to connect to the system. They will still need a laptop, desktop, or tablet to use the system.

When signing in to the system, after the caller selects the service, they will be shown the Call using computer checkbox. 

To use a phone as the audio path, simply uncheck the box and call in using a landline or cell phone. 

The first time callers make calls, their browser will ask for permission to allow access to the computer audio. 

They must allow the use of a microphone with the selected browser and can allow it to remember the decision for the future. Example in Firefox:

See here for a guide on step by step instructions for the entire calling process. 

Notes: Call in using Computer increases the bandwidth needed for each connection. For locations with multiple callers and/or slower internet, you should call in to establish a persistent audio connection.