All Audio and Microphone Issues

Select from these options for more specific information about handling audio and microphone issues:

Callers occasionally report trouble with their audio experience - either in hearing the people who have answered our calls or in being heard by those contacts. These issues are local to the callers' equipment, configurations, connection quality, or in some cases related to infrastructure issues in certain locations being targeted by the calls.

The single most likely cause for audio issues when using a phone is the "Wifi Calling" option on android phones (also called the "Make Calls Over Wifi" option in the iPhone settings menu). Always make sure that these options are turned off. Review the Device Settings section in the above linked guide "Trouble hearing connected calls when calling in from a landline or cell phone" for more details.

To expand options for callers and thereby increase flexibility for issues local to the callers, we offer two ways to make calls:

Option 01:

  • Call into our connection number with a landline or cell phone by unselecting "Call using computer:"

  • After deselecting "Call using computer" and clicking the blue "Sign In" button, callers will then see these instructions to complete their connection and begin receiving calls:

Option 02:

  • Connect your audio experience with Voice Over IP by selecting "Call using computer:"

  • With "Call using computer" selected, and after selecting the blue Sign In button, callers will then see this on-screen alert that the system is detecting and initializing their audio path (the combination of the microphone and sound card on their computer)The above message will remain on screen if there are any software or hardware configuration issues with the caller's microphone. When using the "Call using computer" option, callers will need to grant permission for their browser and the connection to the dialer to access their microphone and/or sound system.

NOTE: Callers should never visit the "Get The App" link at the bottom of the imaged scenarios above; they will not receive the proper scripting if they install the agent app.