Resolving a Connection Issue  

We recommend having at least a dedicated 0.5mbps (500kbps) upload and a 5mbps (5000kbps) download speed per caller to ensure the best experience. Since networks are generally being also used in other ways (cell phones connected, background programs on your computer, cloud storage backups, video meetings in another room…), we recommend using these speeds per caller as a general rule for capacity. 

If setting up a location for a phone bank, check the internet and wifi connections to be sure they are fast and reliable. If using wifi, make sure your callers are close to the router and are not moving in and out of the router range during the call. Additionally, keeping the bandwidth clear by preventing the use of streaming or social media activity during live calls helps to increase session stability. If everyone is having issues in the same location, it's more likely a connection issue. 

If you suspect you are having issues with your internet connection, work through the following fixes:

Browser Troubleshooting

  • Make sure you are using the most updated version of the Chrome or Firefox browser. Other browsers are not recommended, and Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer are not supported.
  • Run the dialer in "incognito" or private browsing mode to automatically disable most extensions.  If you have browser extensions that are set to run in private browsing mode, disable those manually and restart your browser to try again.
  • Clear your cookies and cache, and then restart your device before trying to sign back in.
    • How to clear cache and cookies in the Chrome browser: 
      • After clicking on the menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the screen, you will need to access more tools > clear browsing data. From the dropdown, you can choose the time range for removing data from as little as the "last hour" or up to "all time."

  • How to clear cache and cookies in the Firefox browser: 
    • After clicking on the menu button (three vertical lines) in the upper corner of the screen, you will need to access Options > Privacy & Security > scroll to Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data. From the dialog box you can choose to clear the cookies and cache data.
    • Clearing site data:

Device Troubleshooting

  • Reboot the device
  • Refresh the device's connection to the internet by disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi settings
  • If possible, switch from wifi to a wired ethernet connection
  • If possible, try a different device

Internet Connection Troubleshooting (for issues across a location)

  • To ensure a stable internet connection, make sure that no one else is currently watching a video, streaming music, or using other bandwidth-heavy sites such as social media; keep all activity devoted to the dialer.
    • Note: If a caller is using Zoom and having issues making calls with the dialer please have them try leaving the Zoom session as using both simultaneously may cause an issue.
  • Test your connection speed with or Contact your provider if you see less than 5mbps for download or 0.5mbps for upload speed.
  • Check for packet loss. If data is getting lost your connection will be unstable. Try this helpful walkthrough to execute a ping command.
  • You can always easily reset your connection by finding your internet modem and disconnecting the power. Wait for at least thirty seconds and then reconnect the power to the device. The connection should restore and be more stable within a few minutes.
  • If these ideas do not help, contact your provider to find out if there is an outage or maintenance happening in your area.

If you continue to have trouble or have questions, please reach out to your organization's admins.

Note: Here is a guide with more information on the calling tools needed: The Tools You Need to Make Calls.