The Login Page Settings

Login Page Settings allows you to view all the settings for each of your account's login pages and update the current services available on the login page. To access the login page settings click on the Login Page Management button on the admin console. 

View Current Settings

  1. Name of the Login Page
  2. Slug: Where your callers login
    • Produces the username set that has access to services that share that username set and login page.
  3. Logo is a preview of the logo on the login page
    • Logos are set to a max-width of 300px and are on a white background.
    • If a logo update is needed, submit a ticket with the attached image.
  4. Login Prefix is the username set
    • Since the usernames are numbered, your login prefix cannot end with a number.
  5. Wrap-up Seconds is the time between ending a call and moving on to the next call. 
    • This count, measured in seconds, starts when the current call disconnects from the current contact (voter) - whether the contact hangs up the phone or the caller disconnects the call with the "End Call" button. This count finishes when either the caller selects a call result code from the left side of the screen, or when the maximum time defined with this option is reached and the caller is logged out.
    • Review Username Settings for details on default and maximum Wrap-up time

Caller Login Embed Code

The embed code for placing the dialer login tool on your website.


List of associated with these login page settings.


Add / Remove Services - All services with a checkmark are currently assigned; check others to add or uncheck them to remove.

  • Changes will go into effect within 10 minutes. 
  • Claim a username on your login page and check the service options for any urgent confirmation needs. 

Note: Login pages and usernames sets cannot be shared across accounts. One login page per account is the default. 

  • If you need to create other username groups with different permissions to different services at the same time as the default login page, contact 

Send any requests to add emails or phones to the banned user list to