Tips for List Loading. See this guide for all list loading option explanations. 

Lists must be sent at least 4 hours before calling time to ensure it is ready for calling.

Mapping Tips:

  • When mapping standard and extra options in your list, pick only the options you want to be displayed to your callers or used in the script.
  • Each mapping option must be present in the list and matching headers help ThruTalk staff match the options. 
  • Only one phone column can be used for each list.
  • Address 1 and Address 2 can be used for any address fields needed; city, state, county or other address options. 
  • Cleaning unneeded columns from the list before loading will help speed up processing.  

List Loading Tips:

  • Caller ID's are set on list loading. If a change is needed, send it with the new list or before.
  • If changing Sync Systems, the update should be applied before sending the new list.
  • Zipcodes are required for every row to use the National List calling time option.
  • A list must be at least 10 unique phone numbers and contacts. 
  • In VAN - there is an option to exclude contacts with no phone in the search.

List General Tips:

  • Lists can only be reloaded daily for 30 days. After 30 days a new list is required.
  • We recommend you only load up enough calls for the next week at most so that your lists are as fresh as possible.
  • We recommend loading 300 numbers per caller per hour of calling time so you have enough numbers to make it through a calling session.