This article provides tips for list loading. Please visit our Call Lists Uploads and List Strategy Options and Play Order articles for more details on the list loading process and options available. 

Note: Lists should be uploaded 30-60 minutes before calling time to ensure they will be ready when needed.

Mapping Tips: 

  • When mapping standard and extra options in your list, pick only the options you want to be displayed to your callers or used in the script.
  • Only one phone column can be used for each list.
  • Address 1 and Address 2 can be used for any address fields needed; city, state, county or other address options. 
  • Cleaning unneeded columns from the list before loading will help ensure your list data is shown as desired.  

List Loading Tips:

  • 10 digit Caller ID’s are required when uploading a list. If a change is needed after uploading a list, a caller ID request can be sent in after uploading a list by clicking “Caller ID” from the admin page.
  • If changing Sync Systems, the update should be applied before sending the new list. It is important to note that data syncing cannot be set for both MyVoters and MyCampaign on the same day. More information on that is available in Reporting Settings.
  • A list must include at least 10 unique phone numbers and contacts. 
  • In VAN - there is an option to exclude contacts with no phone in the search.
  • A number of symbols may negatively affect loading a list, such as including semi-colons. Review this Please keep in mind these key need-to-knows section for a full list of characters to avoid in lists.

List Expiring Tips:

  • Lists can only be reloaded 30 times, and after that a new list is required. 
  • Due to the 30 reload limit, a single pass list may be reloaded for 30 days, while a multi-pass list with more than one pass per day may expire more quickly.
  • Lists that are not reloaded for a period of more than 14 days cannot be reloaded again. A new list will be required.

List General Tips: 

  • We recommend you only load up enough calls for the next week at most so that your lists are as fresh as possible.
  • We recommend loading 300 numbers per caller per hour of calling time so you have enough numbers to make it through a calling session.