The regular allowable calling window is 10am - 9pm local based on the timezone chosen at list upload. 

To see the times ThruTalk is currently operating the dialer, check Operating Hours


Our system will sort the phone numbers by area code into timezones. 

  • Atlantic - End at 8pm ET
  • Eastern - End at 9pm ET
  • Central - End at 10pm ET
  • Mountain - End at 11pm ET
  • Pacific - End at 11:30pm ET
  • National List - *Need Zip Codes to call outside 12pm-9pm ET* - See below for details

National List Rules: 

  • The list will be scheduled to start at 11am ET and end at 11:30pm ET. 
  • To call a list with phone numbers located across all timezones using the National List timezone option, 5 digit zip codes are required. 
  • The zip/area code logic works by comparing the zip code against the area code. A zipcode must be included for every single contact for this logic to work.
  • If there is a mismatch between the geographical locations indicated by these two values (area code vs. zip code), the phone number is placed into the Safe time zone for dialing 11am – 9pm ET. 
  • If there are no zip codes in the list, it will be scheduled for 12-9pm ET. 
  • Each timezone will be available to dial from 8am-9pm local time.