ThruTalk (Legacy) Calling Hours

ThruTalk (Legacy) open Calling Hours are 10 am-11:30 pm ET. Limits on calling before 10am or after 9pm local time apply. Lists are scheduled to start at opening time or 10 am local time, whichever is later. For more information, please see the breakdown by timezone operating hours here.  

Timezone of List

Timezone List Rules: 

  • Dialing is closed outside of Operating Hours (linked above).
  • The list will be scheduled to start at 10 am local and end at 9 pm local based on the timezone chosen at list upload. 
  • Our system will sort the phone numbers by area code into time zones.
  • To call a list with phone numbers located across all time zones, send the list in Pacific Time, and reach out to support to indicate the adjusted start time. 
  • Five-digit zip codes are recommended to call across multiple time zones.
  • Our system uses a zip/area code logic. It works by comparing the zip code against the area code. If zip codes are included the system will match the zip codes against the area codes, to ensure that the area code matches the corresponding zip code.
  • If the area code and zip code do not correspond to each other but fall into the same timezone, then the system respects that timezone’s dialing hours.
  • If there is a mismatch between the geographical locations indicated by these two values (area code vs. zip code), the phone number is placed into the Safe time zone for dialing 11 am – 9 pm ET. 
  • The start time is based on the westernmost permissible hour (8 AM PT) while the end time is based on the easternmost permissible hour (9 PM ET). This makes the safe rule dialing window from 11 AM ET to 9 PM ET.
  • Each timezone can be dialed from 8 am-9 pm local time if the list is playing. 
  • If no zip code is included, the area code will be used to determine the allowable dial time.
  • Our system will order dials by timezone (AT, ET, CT, MT, PT, AL, HI), and then the order in which records were loaded.