Request a Non-Standard Hours Phone Bank for GOTV is where ThruTalk clients may request Non-Standard hours for their GOTV efforts at no additional charge. 

To reserve Non-Standard hours for your Election Day and GOTV phone banks, submit a request stating the Election Day, Timezone, State, and if Sunday and Monday GOTV is needed.

This form must be filled out at least 2 weeks before Election Day so GetThru can schedule staff.

ThruTalk’s Current Standard Operating Hours are 

  • Monday - Saturday: 10 am ET - 11:30 pm ET 
  • Sunday: 12 pm ET - 11:30 pm ET 

If you are planning to call during the above Standard Operating Hours you do NOT need to use the form. If you require additional calling hours outside our Standard Operating Hours, use the form.

*Note: ThruTalk cannot open before 8 am local or past 11:30 pm ET.


  1. Timezone
  2. State
  3. Election Day
  4. Election Day Polling Hours
  5. GOTV Days Needed
    • Notes on hours available for GOTV for each day selected