VAN Sync Results - The Details

This guide will cover some of the finer details needed for understanding your outcomes and the data your VAN is receiving.

System Results versus Live Results and their outcomes

Your list will produce two types of "canvass" code results to sync to VAN:

  • System results - are collected from calls where the call is not answered, or when the sound detected by the dialing system is not a human voice.

  • Live results -  are collected from calls that are delivered to your callers.  These outcomes are selected manually through the starting question template.  To sync properly, the default starting question must be used and the existing selections can not be edited.

System results will sync to VAN with these "canvass" codes applied to the call results for calls not answered by a human:

  • Answering Machine = Not home
  • Busy Signal = Not home
  • Disconnected = Deliverability Error
  • Fax = Wrong Number
  • No Answer = Not Home

Note: If you are seeing the Disconnected result instead of the Deliverability Error, you have an outdated starting question value and should re-add the starting question from the template or update the question value. Please read this guide for more details.

Live results will sync to VAN with these "canvass" codes, which are unchangeable for the Starting Question Template:

  • Deceased = Deceased
  • Deliverability Error = Deliverability Error
  • Moved = Moved
  • Not home = Not home
  • Refused = Refused
  • Wrong Number = Wrong Number

The default starting question is recommended for accurate syncing of live results. You can read more about how the starting question answers will affect sync results in this guide: The Default Starting Question.