Understanding Permission Levels

There are three different permissions levels for ThruTalk (Legacy) user accounts:


  • This permission level only allows access to the calling feature by claiming a login daily from the caller login page provided by your organization.


  • This permission level has access to every component of the account outside of adding additional admins. 


  • This permission level has full access to every component of the admin console of ThruTalk (Legacy).
  • Owners can add or remove admin permissions to the account. See Add to ThruTalk (Legacy) Admin for more info. 
    • An account can have multiple owners. To designate or modify additional owners on your account the following is required:
      • The people who should be upgraded to owners need to be current admins on the account.
      • The contract signer or an existing owner must contact support@thrutalk.io with whom to upgrade to owner level permissions.