Beginning Saturday 6/13/20, we noted a marked increase in issues with the VAN sync API we had always used. After consultation and confirmations through the week with the VAN team, we were advised on 6/18/20 to change which VAN sync API we use moving forward. We released that change on Friday 6/19/20.

Since then, overall, we have noted drastically better VAN sync outcomes than before.  We have additionally observed some differences to address. We can now note that:

  1. When callers do not make a selection for the starting question with the script buttons, we are now able to see this outcome as an error and count it as an error in your nightly summary.  Previously, when callers did not make a selection, this empty selection also did not sync; the difference is now we can identify it and count it as an error.
  2. We are able to more quickly read updates or changes to your VAN survey questions.
  3. When giving your key authorization a name in your reporting settings, avoid all punctuation and special characters aside from periods.  We have confirmed that using punctuation - aside from periods - in your authorization name will cause your reporting to fail with an authentication error.

We will continue to review our new API usage for further best practices.  

Additionally and as soon as possible, we wish to develop a way to send you back the specific data that did not sync successfully. This would allow you to bulk upload and better note the source of any reported error counts.

Updates July 2nd, 2020

During the June 19th upgrade, there was a mapping coding error. Any mapping applied during the period of June 19th-June 29th should be remapped. See below for examples of if remapping is needed. 

Example of the mapping errors:

Example of correct mapping

In Fast Entry:

In Form Entry:

Delete only the last characters to remap quickly:

Proactive Suggestions

  1. Affirm with your callers that in all instances where a call is answered and connected to a caller, those callers must make a selection from the starting question such as "moved," "not home," "refused," etc.
  2. Remove all the script mapping applied to your current script in use, and re-map your questions with updated selections for your script mapping if needed as noted above. 
  3. Review the names of your VAN sync authorizations visible in your reporting settings.  If you note punctuation in your key name and are noting that your sync attempts are failing in full, please write to so we can assist in changing the names of your VAN sync authorizations to remove any punctuation marks or other special characters.
  4. If you note error counts in your nightly summary that you wish us to review, please write to  Providing us with an export of the contact history report and survey response report will provide us the best tools for analysis.