Example Scripts Available

New services and accounts come preloaded with a set of example scripts. Example scripts are built to take advantage of ThruTalk (Legacy) features and include best practices to ensure data integrity, VAN Syncing, and ease of use for callers. 

We recommend starting every one of your scripts from an example script and adding/removing parts to customize it for your situation.

Note: If you don’t have any of the example scripts, let support know and we will get them loaded into your service.

Current example scripts include:

Simple Voter ID for Quick Start 2.0

GOTV Quick Start (EV/E-Day/VBM)

Basic Script Template

Multiple Path Script

Simple Advocacy with Patch-Thru

Steps to customize an example script:

  1. Duplicate the example script and rename it to something relevant to your calling purpose. The date the script was created or when it will be first used may be helpful.

  2. Delete the “Script Explainer” question at the top of the script.

  3. Clear the Visible If logic from the “starting_question” (If the “Script Explainer” visible if function is kept within the starting question, the script will not be able to display; read Script Troubleshooting for more details).

  4. Replace any text or websites in the script with your information. We have marked the minimum replacements needed in [brackets] for a quicker start.

  5. (if applicable) Delete sections of the GOTV script that do not apply to your locality.

  6. (if applicable) Map your answers to VAN responses

  7. (if applicable) Add preferred language to text and email contact widgets 

  8. Enjoy your best practices script!