Syncing Your Data Results

ThruTalk (Legacy) reporting can be delivered in 3 ways: Automated nightly emailed CSV files, automated nightly VAN sync, or pulling a historical report in the tool on-demand. However, thanks to the magic of tools like Zapier, there is another option! 

We here at GetThru have always used Zapier, and other platforms, to automate our repetitive sales and office work tasks. Now thanks to the ability to share Zaps externally, we can let you in on some of our Zap magic.

At its most basic, Zapier, and other similar platforms like Integromat, allow you to take data from one source, mess with it if you need to, and then send it to another source, all without needing to code.

In this Zap, we are moving the files to an Amazon S3 bucket, but you could drop the data in a drive folder, dropbox, server, or anything else your connector platform supports. You just need to replace the S3 step with a different action.

The Zap we are going to make will automatically do the following:

  1. Receives an email when your ThruTalk (Legacy) reporting goes out

  2. Breaks up and extracts the URLs for any reporting files in your reporting email

  3. Grabs the file name from the URL

  4. Upload the files to S3

Note: For this example, we are going to use Zapier, but any connecting platform will do mostly the same thing.

Interested in a product where calling data can be exported directly to your AWS S3 bucket? We've got you covered! Check out our new dialing tool ThruTalk (New) here.

How to Set Up a ThruTalk (Legacy) to Amazon S3 Zap:

  1. Create a new Amazon user with console access to your bucket following the guides and instructions here.

  2. Log into Zapier and add the S3 account from step 1 in My Apps. You will need your Secret Access Key and your Access Key ID. 

  3. Copy the Zap template here into your Zap account.

  4. Add your Amazon account and select the bucket in the proper steps.

  5. Customize and copy the trigger email address in Step 1. 

  6. Turn on your Zap!

  7. Head to the "Reporting Settings" section of the ThruTalk (Legacy) service you want to sync with S3.

  8. Add the trigger email you copied in Step 5 to the nightly reporting email list.

That’s it! You are set up to sync your ThruTalk (Legacy) results directly into S3 automatically!

If you want to change the delivery location, you only need to change the Zap step to another app or method. You can even add additional steps to help your flow. Set up a slack notification after the sync has completed so you have peace of mind without needing to open S3 and check. The possibilities are endless.

VAN syncing services do not get a Call Results file generated in the nightly emails. Since this works on the reporting email, the zap would not sync in the Call Results file. You can still pull historical call result files from the “Past Call Results” button, but you will not receive it via the Zap if you are also syncing.

If you have questions or want some help setting up your ThruTalk (Legacy) sync through Zapier, please let us know by emailing success at