Understanding Patch-Thru Results

When the Patch-Thru feature is turned on for a service, a Transfer report is sent nightly. It will be sent in its own report via email separately from the nightly report.

Report Details

  • The report will deliver only if transfer calls are made. 
  • The report will deliver with the subject line "Transfer Results for Date."
  • The report will include the service name.
 If you do not currently have access to this feature and wish to use Patch-Thru, or if you have questions about access, email support@thrutalk.io . If the admin console service page currently does not include a Transfer button it means access needs to be requested.

Report Contents:
Transfer results content

The CSV attached in the report will include any Patch-Thru calls made and further details. 

Example Patch-Thru Report:Example PatchThru Report

Columns Included:

  • A: Service - Service name where calls were made
  • B: Voter Name - Name of contact
  • C: Voter ID - Unique ID
  • D: Voter Phone - Phone of contact
  • E: Date - Date of the call
  • F: Caller Username - Login ID associated with the call transfer
  • G: Transfer Start Time - Time at which the call was initially transferred in Hours: Minutes: Seconds
  • H: Transfer End Time - Time at which the call transfer was terminated in Hours: Minutes: Seconds
  • I: Transfer Duration - Total time of the call transfer duration in seconds (Transfer End Time minus Transfer Start Time)
  • J: Time in Queue - Total time the call remained in the queue to be transferred in seconds
  • K: Transfer Status- Outcome of the transfer
    • Stayed Entire Call - The caller stayed on the call with the contact and the transfer target until the call was completed. 
    • Transfer Complete - The caller successfully transferred the contact to the transfer target and exited the call, leaving the contact and transfer target to finish the call.
    • Failure - The call could not be transferred; this can happen when the line is busy. 
  • L: Transfer Target - Transfer Target Name