Submitting Service Details

To get started making calls, submit your service details from the admin console. 

Initial Service Setup

Required Options

Service Details to Start Calling

  1. Option to update the service name. If nothing is entered, the service name will match the account name.
  2. Requested Short Name
  3. Logo for login page
  4. State
  5. Timezone
  6. Caller ID Phone Number
  7. Caller ID Name
  8. Notes

Option Details

1. The full-service name is the name of your calling service that is displayed to your callers and used internally to refer to each service within your account. Each account initially has 1 service. This guide goes over more info about the rules for the service name: Service Name.

2. The short name is the name for your caller login page slug and your caller login prefix. This guide goes over login page settings and where this name will be used: Login Page Settings. Your website or social media handle can be a good option to use. 

3. This is the logo that will display on the page your callers log in from.

4 and 5. The state for your service and the timezone your service will be calling into.

6 and 7. For the Caller ID on ThruTalk (Legacy) that is provided by your campaign. This guide goes over rules for the Caller ID name and phone number, and this guide gives tips on Using Twilio For Thrutalk (Legacy) Caller IDs.

The service request will be completed by the end of the next business day.

In NewTalk, our new dialing tool, you do not need additional services to manage concurrent calling in one account. Learn more about NewTalk here!