VAN Sync Error Reports

VAN sync clients receive a nightly report of any errors encountered during the sync process.  This content is delivered separately from the main reporting summary sent nightly to make it more easily identifiable in your inbox for the special purpose of helping you to resolve issues experienced with data to be synced to VAN.

This error report summary includes a breakdown count of each type of error encountered for that calling day and provides a new .csv file that includes the metadata, call result, and error type.  The error types are listed on an interaction per interaction basis to better equip clients for identifying and applying the necessary corrections to reduce or eliminate each error type.

Primary Error Types

API Key Error

  • The key provided is incorrect or does not have the correct permissions
  • The name provided to ThruTalk (Legacy) for the key does not match the application name provided by VAN
  • To correct this issue, check with our support team for any tips and if our support team cannot identify the issue, reach out to VAN support. Bulk upload your erred results while you await correction of your API Key issue


  • The unique IDs for the people data as provided in a calling list do not match the unique IDs of the system ThruTalk (Legacy) is syncing. 
    • Examples:
      • MyCampaign data was provided for sync interactions configured to use MyVoters
      • DWID data was provided as the unique ID instead of the correct MyVoters or MyCampaign unique IDs
      • A list did not contain any VAN type unique IDs as that list was sourced from a system external to VAN
      • To correct this issue, identify the correct VAN ID associated with the records, match the erred records to the correct ID, and proceed with a bulk upload. Always be careful to include the correct VAN MyVoters ID or MyCampaign ID appropriate to your current sync method

Script Config Error

  • References to which survey question and/or response will be provided in a special column labeled "Error Fields." 
    • Script Config Errors include:
      • A survey response or a survey question and all of the responses for that question have been removed or made inactive since the time that the script mapping was completed in ThruTalk (Legacy), and therefore, the output collected with the script cannot match to an expected response or question; the script mapping will need to be checked and reapplied
      • A survey question or survey response includes characters incompatible with ThruTalk (Legacy) and should be updated to remove problematic non-alpha-numeric characters
      • A survey question or survey response is not recognizable during interactions and VAN support will be needed to resolve the issue with the question or response
      • This type of error should be exceedingly rare.  Address the issues noted above and attempt to bulk upload the erred results

Caller Data Error

  • A caller did not properly use the script during an interaction where the caller is “talking to the correct person” - and as a result, no survey response data was created for that interaction
  • The script as configured may include conversation pathways that do not include any survey response options mapped to questions; every pathway should include at least one question with script mapping to send back at least that one survey response for that conversation
  • For this error type, which we find to be the most common and recurring, there was no syncable data available due to caller behaviors or due to script configurations lacking mapped survey responses
    • When there are no script records collected due to caller issues, correct for this error by addressing with your callers that every connected call should use the script every time
    • If callers recorded answers but they were not mapped to survey questions and responses, consider if you have questions available or create new questions and responses to bulk upload the erred results to those existing questions that were not mapped or to new questions and responses you create

Special Note: In instances where we say “successfully synced 0 results,” the report could identify a portion of those calls as “Caller Data Error” when the underlying issue is an API Key Error or a Bad VAN ID but the system is noting calls that wouldn’t have synced regardless because of the “Caller Data Error” so that you can address these issues separately from the issues with API keys or VAN IDs.

Additional Error Types

Service Unavailable

  • VAN systems were unable to complete interactions due to heavy traffic or other conditions that caused the interactions to time out and therefore not complete
  • Correct for this issue by bulk uploading erred results

Unknown Error

  • This is a fallback error type in cases where we cannot systematically identify the issue; we expect to never or nearly never see this error type
  • Please write to for any information our support team can help to collect and we will assist you in contacting VAN support for better information than we can provide directly
  • Mitigate this issue by bulk uploading any erred results while our support team and VAN support collaborate with you and with each other for more information


The file will contain the following columns:

  • Voter ID
  • Voter ID Type
  • Voter First Name
  • Voter Last Name
  • Voter Phone
  • Date Called (MM-DD-YYYY)
  • Time Called (EST)
  • Error Type    
  • Error Fields